Across-The-Board Services

SC Headhunters takes great pride in knowing we deliver clients the best talent on the market.

SC Headhunters identify candidates with exceptional competencies, credentials and excellence. At the same time, we evaluate the client's specific needs. Our top-rated executive search consultants exhaustively and comprehensively analogize client's requirements. Utilizing an itemized checklist, our headhunter team members pinpoint and match those needs with the right candidates.

We Can Help You With:

Business executives from prominent companies use our firm to assist them in negotiations.

Executive Placement Experts

SC Headhunters executive placements experts focus on the goals of your organization. We prioritize your goals to help bring your company to the next level. That's because we know that the right talent and leadership can make a world of difference to a company. This proven approach has propelled SC Headhunters as one of the top Recruitment firms today. Our resources, contacts and connections are vast and far-reaching. These have been built over a span of more than 30 years. Along with our experience and knowledge, they combine for an unequaled talent finding system. Our retained executive search firm can find the elite candidates for you, from middle management to emerging leaders.

The Best Executive Recruiters

Every member of our team is what the industry would regard as the best corporate headhunters. Time and time again, our superior executive research experts have proven themselves. The impressive results are visible via the growth companies experience after using our executive recruitment services. Some of these past clients are Fortune 500 companies and other prominent industry leaders. Besides, our top-rated executive recruiters find talent for venture capital firms. The companies we've helped quickly rose through the ranks and now rely on us for our expertise and experience. No matter what type of talent you are looking for, we find the elite and echelon candidates. From a CFO, C-suite position to a vice president, our executive headhunters deliver.

CEO and Board Services

Our decades of experience in executive Recruitment has taught us many things. For one, we know that it takes more than Recruitment for certain criteria to build a successful board. In order for a board to be one of the best and achieve success, it needs to be able to work together. That will propel them to accomplish the organizational mission of the company. Since many of our members are part of a Board and CEO group themselves, they know what it takes to achieve success. SC Headhunters understands board structure, succession plans and implementation. Along with other methods, our vast knowledge and experience in CEO and Board services are unequaled.

Acquisition Solutions Services

Over the years, SC Headhunters has created a method for identifying and placing the right talent at the right places. Our unique and successful methodology for acquisition solutions is one of the best on the market. We use direct sourcing, targeted strategies and proprietary databases. In turn, that allows our executive search experts to identify the perfect and elite candidates expeditiously. Regardless of the industries or functional areas, we are able to deliver. Using this prosperous system has resulted in making SC Headhunters one of the top retained search firms in New York. Whether it is an enterprise-wide or single search solution, we can deliver the best results for your project. Our proven track record in this and other areas has made SC Headhunters one of the best executive search firms in 2020.